The Company

Conico Oil is a Shell Oil gasoline and diesel fuel wholesale distributor and transportation company supplying both Shell Branded and Unbranded Fuels. We sell and deliver gasoline and diesel fuel in Southern California ranging from the South Bay to Paso Robles. Conico Oil currently operates 29 Shell-branded locations, 22 USA Branded locations, 10 ARCO Branded locations, an Unbranded Truck-stop, and runs a 29 truck distribution fleet.

As a privately owned business, Conico Oil is committed to providing excellent customer service, clean facilities, and a friendly atmosphere, all delivered through our family of over 500 professional employees. If you are looking for fuel transportation service, fuel supply, or re-branding assistance, Conico Oil can meet your fueling needs and provide the expertise to help you run a successful gasoline and convenience store operation.

Our Mission

To provide and transport quality fuel products safely to our customers in a timely manner at a fair price while providing the highest level of customer service and the best buying experience in the industry. We are committed to being the preferred supplier of Shell Gasolines for both commercial and retail customers in Southern California.